Emily Hirsch

since May 2010


Mint Julep Cocktail 12 May 2010
3:51 pm

Sounds delicious! I happen to have a jungle of mint taking over my backyard right now. I usually use Maker’s Mark. I read the comment on top about making the mint julep with rye, and while I think that a real rye whiskey might be too harsh, I am going to try Bulleit next time since I happen to have a bottle sitting around. It’s a bourbon with a fairly high rye content but still very smooth.

I have a set of pewter julep cups. They are beautiful and affordable. Silver would be nice, but very expensive!

Mai Tai Cocktail 12 May 2010
3:33 pm

There seem to be a lot of Mai Tai Fundamentalists nit-picking on what is basically a vast improvement over what most bars are calling a Mai Tai. I would happily drink your version.

When I make my a Mai Tai for myself, I use Trader Vic’s original recipe and a combination of aged rums (usually Appleton 12-yr and Clement VSOP). I do take some liberty in using more orgeat (homemade) and omitting the sugar syrup. I think the Mai Tai was really created to highlight the flavors of the aged rums that Trader Vic chose to use. To each his or her own.