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Whisky Tasting Notes 18 Jun 2014
7:12 pm

Completely fascinating. Just discovered this series tonight. Fantastic stuff.

Quick question: I am primarily a bourbon drinker ( I live in Tennessee and went to college in Kentucky). Do you have an idea as to the ratio of water you pour into a whiskey for tasting? I imagine, with your experience, you eyeball the pour. But for a relative novice do you have a recommendation for the measure? Is it 3:1? Or?

A Proper "Frozen" Margarita 29 Dec 2013
12:06 am

Excellent video. Question: Our shop carries a triple sec called Harlequin. It’s an orange & cognac triple in a similar vein to Cointreau and Grand Marnier, but about half the price. Have you tried it? To my palate, it is difficult to distinguish between them, especially when mixed in a proper cocktail. I know you’re a big proponent of Cointreau. Thoughts?

Applejack Fix Cocktail - Punch For One 23 Oct 2013
3:24 pm

Quick question: what difference should I expect between Applejack and Calvados? Besides 20+ dollars?

Weeski Cocktail - Courtesy of David Wondrich 21 Jan 2016
6:03 pm

Looking for a smaller bottle of Lillet. I don’t enough for a 750 to keep. Can’t find a 375 anywhere like I can with vermouth. I’ve been told that Cocchi Americano (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocchi_Americano) is a comparable substitution. Is that true? And have you been able to find any in less than a fifth?

Delmonico Cocktail 18 Oct 2011
12:06 pm

Excellent, as always, sir. I really dig that you have begun tasting and giving notes with your cocktails.

How to Stir a Cocktail - Martini 27 Jul 2011
8:32 am

Excellent!  I love your take on this classic, Charlotte.

Cubed Old Fashioned Cocktail 7 Feb 2014
5:02 pm

Been searching high and low - what kind of rum is Mount Gay? Spiced? It looks spiced. Please advise. This cocktail this looks fantastic.

French 75 Cocktail 28 Dec 2010
10:31 am

What about simple syrup in place of sugar?

Seelbach Cocktail 22 Nov 2010
12:03 pm

Robert, a couple of things:

First, do you have a preference of the type of sparkling wine to use? Brut? Something sweeter?

Also, I love the camera work on the lemon twist process. The fine mist off the lemon as you channel your twist really makes clear the different qualities that a twist can bring to a drink. Beautiful.

Bourbon Crusta Cocktail 18 Oct 2012
5:12 pm

A quick question, Robert:

Why do some of these recipes vary from here to your drinkboy website? In this recipe, for example, the website calls for orange bitters and an orange peel garnish.

French 75 Cocktail 20 Apr 2010
8:32 pm

Robert, just discovered The Cocktail Spirit a couple months ago, and I am hooked. Very good stuff. I know I am not the only person who looks to you as the authority on which recipes are correct, although, I do differ from you on many of the spirit brands I buy. At any rate, a couple of questions about simple syrup:

First, I have seen some people use vodka to make their simple syrup shelf stable. Do you recommend this practice? And, if so, what ratio of vodka should I add to the simple syrup. I understand that vodka is intended to be a neutral spirit and should not affect the flavor of cocktails that I add it to, but it will certainly affect the alcohol content, if I am not careful.

Second, I have taken the habit of measuring and pouring my simple syrup first, as a good deal of it clings to the side of my measuring cup (I use the same OXO you use), and I find that pouring it first allows me to “rinse” the rest of it out of the jigger and into the shaker via pouring with my remaining ingredients.

Third, I understand the difference between 1:1 “regular” simple syrup and 2:1 “rich” syrup, but how do I know which is appropriate, when?

Finally, what do you think of agave nectar? I have never seen you use it, but I am quite fond of it. I have used it in recipes that call for it specifically, and have experimented with subbing it for simple syrup, which seems to work quite well in certain cocktails.

Thoughts? Thanks!