Eric Angle

since February 2010


Corpse Reviver #1 8 Sep 2012
8:35 am

Good video as always. Your comment about using VS brandy primarily for cocktails makes sense, but do you think there are some cocktails (brandy old fashioned or a Sidecar maybe) where using a VSOP makes sense?

Cocktail Foam - Jamie Boudreau - The Vessel 75 20 Apr 2010
9:06 pm

Are there limitations on the kinds of liquids you can put in an iSi soda siphon (as opposed to the iSi whipper Jamie used)? That is, can I put juices or even alcohol in it instead of just water? I ask because there may be instances where you want to add bubbles but not water to a cocktail. Do I have to use a whipper in order to do this?