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Learn the Foundational Cocktail Recipes - Trident Cocktail 26 Feb 2015
10:55 am

Hi, Robert. That Trident sounds good!

I find this concept of understanding the foundations very intriguing, but I wonder how to go about it. I mean, many cocktail books give you a list of the classics, but I still wouldn’t know what makes them work, what variations on them would make sense and which ones would spoil the mix. I guess there’s no real substitute for experience, but are there some general guidelines about what kinds of beverages combine well with what others, which combinations should be avoided, how to decide the correct proportions and so on?

Could you please recommend a book, a website or any other resource to that effect (besides your great videos, which I do watch, of course)?

Learn the Foundational Cocktail Recipes - Trident Cocktail 26 Feb 2015
2:58 pm

OK, thanks for the tips!

Fairbank Cocktail 12 Nov 2014
3:23 pm

Hi, Robert. I have a doubt about storing dry vermouth in the fridge. I also asked in The Chanticleer Society a few days ago, sorry for asking twice, but I really want to know this.

So, in your videos you recommend storing vermouth in the fridge, which sounds like a good idea. But then I remember that in your article “The Perfect Martini” you stress that water is very important to a Martini, and lament that some people “are so intent on making a really cold martini that they store the gin and cocktail shaker in the freezer, and the Vermouth in the refrigerator.”

So, if I’m making a dry Martini and I store the vermouth in the fridge, as you recommend, won’t it get too little water from the ice? Should I take some vermouth and let it warm up before I use it? should I add some extra water?

Fairbank Cocktail 17 Nov 2014
11:16 am

Thanks, Robert! I think I’ll just add water ad libitum to my Martinis :) But indeed, it would be nice to do the experiment you describe, maybe with a stirring magnet and standard-sized icecubes.