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Sour Mix: Just Say No - Daiquiri Cocktail 24 Oct 2014
6:17 am

Hi Robert,

I’m curious how long you’d say fresh lime or lemon juice would qualify as “fresh” if kept in, say, a squeeze bottle or a carafe like the one you use in this video? I wouldn’t want to compromise flavor, but of course, having some readily available would be convenient in some cases.

Thank you for the great videos, by the way!

Sour Mix: Just Say No - Daiquiri Cocktail 31 Oct 2014
6:20 pm

Thank you for the reply, Robert – I’ll certainly be trying that soon. It seems like a fair and thorough way to settle the matter once and for all.

Another citrus-related question for you: What are your thoughts on the use of organic vs. non-organic lemons and limes in cocktails? I’ve heard many times that you should only worry about using the peel, but would this include extracting oils when squeezing the fruit or using wedges in the drink as garnish, for example?

I don’t mind spending a little extra buying organic fruits, but they tend to be harder to come by where I live and often seem to be inferior in quality, for some reason.