Will Pett

since February 2010


Old Fashioned Cocktail 1 Feb 2010
2:20 pm


I have come to rely on your show as the go to source for reliable cocktail recipe videos on the net.  I am especially fond of this episode because my experience with the Old Fashioned was virtually identical to yours.  I didn’t know anything about cocktails, when I discovered a mysterious bottle in the back of my cupboard that my brother had left behind: Angostura bitters.  On the bottle, of course, is the recipe for an Old-Fashioned.  Being a lover of bourbon, I decided to try it.  I didn’t have any soda or cherries, so I made one very similar to the one you prescribe here, and I loved it!  It instantly became my favorite thing to drink.  But after ordering them at bars, I realized there was something very different and special about a properly-made Old-Fashioned.

Thanks for a great series!

p.s. How do I use kumquats besides as a garnish?  I have seen recipes calling for muddled kumquats, but they suffer from the same maraschino cherry carcase dilemma.  They are just extra material in the bottom of the glass.

Old Fashioned Cocktail 3 Feb 2010
12:20 pm

I would also mention that I have found it very important to get high quality oranges for this drink.  I used to get regular navel oranges at the big box supermarket, but then found they had a slightly bitter, chemical taste to them.  After buying organic oranges at the health food store, I learned that the peels of these oranges had a much richer and more natural tasting essence.  I wonder if the regular oranges have some sort of chemical/preservative/pesticide applied to them that gives them this bitter flavor?  In any case, now I always get organic citrus fruits for all of my drinks.

Manhattan Cocktail 21 Feb 2010
9:06 am


I really appreicate your review of different kinds of bitters here, as bitters are such a misunderstood product.  After experimenting and reading around, I thought I might put in a request for a similar episode featuring the also highly misunderstood vermouth!  Sweet, dry, bianco, rosso, ambre, M&R, Cinzano, Carpano, Vya.  So much variety with so few informative resources describing their relative merits and distinctions.  My vote for the next episode of the Cocktail Spirit would be one all about vermouth.