dimitrios zappas

since February 2009
website http://www.zappas.gr
job bartender off course


Satan's Whiskers 17 Feb 2009
9:51 am

hello Robert, From Duplex to Bronx, from Bronx to Jimmie Lee to Johnson, from Johnson to Bijou, from Bijou to Satan’s Whiskers….
From a trip into “THE OLD WALDORF ASTORIA - Bar Book”
and what i like from all of this? a Bronx offcourse, no question…

Piña Colada Cocktail 17 Feb 2009
10:02 am

guess what i am drinkink at my profile picture…
At the Barranchina Bar - old San Juan, Puerto rico.
With coco lopez, fresh pineapple, and a dark local rum.