Ernie Slubik

since December 2013


Apricot Lady Cocktail 23 Jan 2014
11:00 am

I am looking forward to trying this cocktail. Robert, in the video you mention that you use lime juice, but in the list of ingredients you say lemon. Of course, I can make it both ways and see which I prefer….but at least you know someone is paying attention to what you say!

Apricot Lady Cocktail 23 Jan 2014
6:12 pm

Seriously, now the recipe says lime….....

Whiskey Sour Cocktail 27 Jan 2014
1:01 pm

I have gotten in to the habit of using Meyer Lemons. This variant is so well received that when the Meyer Lemons are not in season I simply make another cocktail until the Meyers are once more around.