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Income Tax Cocktail 27 May 2010
6:22 am

I’ve been dabbling with this recipe quite a bit.  Its a big hit with the newcomers introducing them to cocktails.  Also, I’ve been using several different orange bitters in place of the Angostura aromatic.  The orange juice already in the drink allow for you to maybe add a bit more bitters than you normally might.  I really like it with Regan’s, I could see it being called an “Overdue Income Tax” maybe?  This drink and the Satan’s Whiskers got me to like gin for the first time.  well done.

Manhattan Cocktail 19 Jan 2010
7:23 am


First of all, thank you.  You have revolutionized the way I look at alcohol in general.  I really appreciate the pragmatic and classic, historical approach you have used to capture the essence of the cocktail.  I also received a copy of Jerry Thomas book for Christmas which is quite interesting, and look forward to reading yours.

I was in need of some orange bitters to round out my home bar.  Bitters have become hard to find in my area as of late, so I ordered a 3 pack of orange bitters from kegworks, and I am very pleased with all of them.  In fact, I really enjoy the subtle differences each (Fee Bro’s, Regan’s, and Angostora) bring to the same drink.  I don’t foresee myself flying through these bottles as fast as some, so my question is, can bitters go bad? 

Thank you again,