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Montelobos Smoked Tea Sour Cocktail 27 Aug 2013
4:21 am

This looks excellent! I will try and find a bottle of Montelobos.

How did you go about making the infused Simple Syrup? Was it a 2 to 1 ratio and then you simply left the tea to simmer and afterwards strained it out?

Thanks for any advice -

Daiquiri Cocktail 22 Aug 2013
7:44 am

Dear Robert,

First of all, thank you for these outstanding videos. In conjunction with your excellent book, I have been thoroughly enjoying my forays into the homemade cocktail world (and so have my friends, incidentally).

I was wondering what your thoughts were on pre-made simple syrups. I haven’t made my own yet, but have often used Monin sugar syrup. I find that this works well for some drinks, but they don’t deliver as nicely on the sours.

Does this have to do with the ratios they employ? If you would have to use a pre-made simple syrup, which would you recommend?

Thank you again for all your informative and exciting videos.

All the best from the UK -