Mugly Wumple

since August 2013


Negroni Carbonated 12 Aug 2013
5:27 pm

I’ve had success using an ISI whipper. I put in some ice, my ingredients, cap it off and charge it with CO2. Shake vigorously side to side to avoid damaging the valve, hold upright and blow off the pressure, open and pour. Fizzy Negroni.

Rosita Cocktail 4 Feb 2014
4:09 pm

Given the variability of both palate and ingredients, I found that although this cocktail was pleasant, flavors were so well blended as to be individually indistinguishable, save for the bitterness of the Campari. A bit of experimentation led me to add a couple of dashes of rose syrup. It worked well so I dubbed it the Rosarita.