since January 2010


Biter Cocktail 8 Feb 2012
3:03 pm

Finally going to have to buckle down and buy that bottle of Chartreuse.  I’ve been putting off the Chartreuse drinks simply because I didn’t want to drop the $65 on the bottle.  But it’s just about the last holdout in my home bar—at least the one that is in the most cocktails.

It may not last as long as my bottle of St. George Absinthe- at least that purchase was justified to the wife on the basis that, given its use in cocktails is usually measured with an eyedropper, it would last for years.

Tequila Old Fashioned 11 Jan 2010
2:30 pm

This has turned into one of my favorite drinks!  I typically never enjoyed tequila, but obviously that was because my previous tequila experiences were with cheap “mixto” tequila, and not 100% agave tequila.  I actually used the Hornitos Reposado that is used in the video, and really enjoy the taste.  It’s actually replaced the whiskey old fashioned as my “go-to” cocktail.

Pegu Club Cocktail 16 Feb 2010
1:47 pm

Just tried this for the first time tonight—though I used the recipe from Robert’s book, which I believe matches up with the “alternate” recipe he listed here.  The alternate version definitely has a lot of orange to it, but you can definitely taste the gin, though I’d like to try it with some different gins.

I used Plymouth gin, which I’ve found to be about the smoothest mixing gin I’ve ever tried—a martini with Plymouth is just ridiculously smooth.  But I’ve also got some Tanqueray, and I’m curious to see how the intense juniper that Tanqueray has works in the Pegu Club cocktail.

I’m just using cheap and readily available Dekuyper Orange Curacao—I’ve never been quite sure about orange curacao—Coinatreau has always been considered the top-shelf triple sec, but I don’t really know what a top-shelf orange curacao would be.  Something like Clement Creole Shrubb?  I’ve heard of people using that in place of orange curacao before.

Pegu Club Cocktail 16 Feb 2010
3:05 pm

Thanks both Blair and Robert. 

Blair: any reason you swear by the clear Senor Curacao over the orange version?  I think for the Pegu Club, orange curacao works well because it lends a wonderful color to the drink—otherwise only the angostura bitters would add any color.

Also, I just tried the drink with Tanqueray—definitely a bit different, though that good orange base is still there.  One thing I forgot about is that while Plymouth is 82.4 proof, Tanqueray is something like 94 proof—which comes through in the Tanqueray version, which has a sharper “bite” to it.