Daz-Miguel Mora

since June 2013


Caipirinha Cocktail 12 Jun 2013
7:33 pm

Hello from Australia!!! Great work Robert.

After serving hundreds and thousands of Caipirinhas over 15 years I found that what is also important was educating the customer of “Cachaca” and what it is exactly.

Here in Australia Cachaca is slowly getting attention but since becoming the Brand Ambassador for “Saturno Premium Cachaca”, I have developed over 100 different cocktails mixers and shots with this one spirit proving its versatility among many other spirits - It also shows why it was (not sure as of today) the third most consumed spirit in the world (behind Rum and Vodka). The more premium Cachaca’s do not have additives and are close to organic as you can get which is great if you have vegetarians or health conscious drinkers. Using agave nectar is another alternative as its half the calories of sugar and requires only 15ml (one tablespoon).

There are over 5000 different brands of cachaca but to pick the best one is really up to your own palette. Some brands actually use different sugar cane from contracted farmers in different regions so there can be inconsistencies in the flavour. Minas Gerais has some of the best produced Cachaca and is famous for this. Industrialised cachaca (pinga) is usually aged for a month or so and its mass produced fast for high turnover thus having more vapour on the nose and its harshness is suited to mixing however handcrafted cachaca (Artesanal de Alambique) is copper pot distilled and rested in oak or other kinds of barrels for 3 or more months so it takes on the character and flavour from the barrel giving it a wonderful aroma on the nose. Perfect with freshly squeezed juiced and fresh produce.

If the Cachaca blends well with the ingredients the taste will not be overpowering but its character will be subtle and enjoyable.

A good cachaca is fantastic for infusing, and I have re created many drinks with it but more importantly I tell all my customers what it is - because so many make the big mistake thinking its RUM!

Saude (Cheers)