Wild Bill Turkey

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San Francisco - Humuhumu Trott of Humuhumu.com 10 May 2011
2:14 pm

Way to go Humu!
And way to REPRESENT with that Smuggler’s Cove t-shirt before they made you cover it up!

Diabolo Cocktail 14 Jul 2009
11:51 am

Boy, the cameraman really got a great shot of the orange oil exploding off the fruit as you cut the twist. Anybody that doubts how much effect cutting your twist over the glass might have on the flavor of the drink really needs to see this video!

How to Serve Absinthe 10 Jun 2009
7:47 am

It’s about time a respected mixologist made a down-to-Earth, practical instruction video on this subject.
After all the horrible YouTube fiascos I’ve seen, and even a few that were not misinformed, but called for elaborate fountain setups that were just not practical for real-world service by busy bartenders or even casual home use, it’s really refreshing to see this done right. Serving absinthe should be easy and fun, just like you show it here.
Thanks Jamie!

Festa Cocktail 6 Apr 2009
8:33 am

I’m with Brian, here, I like hearing a little more background. Since there’s no history to this drink, I was thinking you might talk some about cacha

Festa Cocktail 6 Apr 2009
11:00 am

I also notice a couple of things about the way you’re using the Parisienne shaker here, I can’t recall if you’ve always used it this way. First, pouring the ingredients into the inverted top, which looks like a steel goblet when used like that. And then you seem to use a more swirling, circular motion with your shake than usual, which plays off of the round-shouldered Parisienne shaker’s shape, as opposed to the back-and-forth motion you use with the straight-sided, flat-bottom Boston shaker.

Coffee Cocktail 30 Mar 2009
9:21 am

Poor old Jerry Thomas, gets himself quoted saying that without even realizing there were bitters in the cocktail after all.

Ante Cocktail 24 Mar 2009
6:57 am

I think it’s Ante like the bet you place at the start of around of poker. As in you can’t even start a night of drinking until you’ve put in your ante. Calvados and Cointreau, it’s like comparing apples and oranges.