JT Thomas

since February 2013


Lion's Tail Cocktail 18 Feb 2013
9:11 pm

Brilliant! Picked up a bottle of Pimento in Jamaica last year, and haven’t had the foggiest of what to do with it.  Many thanks.  Using it as the sweet aspect of a Sours drink is a great idea.  Now that I think about it, this might be thought of as a more tropical spin on sweet vermouth (though perhaps that way lies madness.)

Regardless, many thanks.  Good stuff.

Clipper Ship Cocktail 18 Feb 2013
9:17 pm

Rhett, Runs a little more than half that in American Dollars in Virginia (Just under 40 bucks.  And we’re close to parity now, currency wise, nu?) Worth it at any reasonable price, though.

Lemon Drop Cocktail 23 Feb 2013
2:57 pm

Sara, I suppose one could make an Orange Drop cocktail, with an Orange Vodka (I like Stoli for that) and some orange juice BUT it will not have the tartness that the lemon juice gives.  Couple ways around that. 1) Cut back on the sugar, to a third as much, 2) Use 1/2 oz Orange Juice and 1/4 oz Lemon juice, 3) Use 1/4 oz regular Orange juice and 1/2 oz Sour orange juice (Around here, Columbian Sour Oranges have been showing up in Ethnic Markets recently) or (and this will change the whole look of it), Use Blood Orange Juice - which will turn it red.  I think this would be tart enough, as Blood oranges have a taste that’s somewhere between lemon, Orange, and grapefruit to me.

Not what you were asking, but you got me thinking. Mulit grazzi for that.

Vesper Cocktail 23 Feb 2013
3:11 pm

You have to shake this one.  Not only is it part of the original recipe, and not only should a drink named after a spy be cloudy to begin with, but a shaken martini has a very different flavor (frankly a less pleasant one to my mind) than a stirred one.  It seems to me, and I’ve tried this a couple of times with a couple different gins (Hendricks, Tanq, and Plymonth), shaking emphasizes the more bitter flavors in the gin, and, particularly since Bond specified an extra long shake, the mouthfeel will be very different.  Finally, as relates to both shaking and Kina Lillet/Cocchi Americano, if I am recalling the parts of the books that suggest the name for the drink, remember, Bond was looking for a bitter drink to go with a very bitter regret. This one should balance to the bitter side.
+1 to the 100 proof vodka comments, for the same reasons.

Derby Cocktail 11 Mar 2013
8:34 pm

Question, Sir: When you’re doing a long spiral twist, like the one in this drink, what do you consider long enough?  Until the channel knife cuts through? (Which would have to be, then, wouldn’t it?) Or what? 3 Inches (looks like what you have here)? 4? Twice around the lemon? 7 inches (Looks impressive as hell to me.)

Just curious.  Early engineer training before my mixological avocation arose will tell.