Seth Langford

since February 2013


Queen's Park Swizzle Cocktail 8 Feb 2014
7:18 pm

Great drink! I got inspired to make one after watching this video. Definitely not a mojito with dark rum.

Champs Elysees Cocktail 10 Feb 2014
9:41 pm

I made one of these tonight for me and my GF. Really enjoyed it, I do agree that it does taste slightly akin to a sidecar;however, the flavor is definitely focused around the herbals from the Chartreuse.

Petrucio Cocktail 11 May 2014
8:48 pm

Just mixed myself up one of these. The I used citadel gin, aperol and glenmorangie 10 yr for the scotch. I really enjoy how the light citrus notes from the citadel merge with the darker more grapefruity ones from the aperol and finish with a sweet smokiness from the aperol sugars and peat from the scotch. Great cocktail!

Aviation Cocktail 3 Feb 2013
6:53 pm

Hey Robert, I have been watching your show for quite a while now, and it has lead me to ask you this question.

Why did you shake this drink? I figured you would of stirred it to try and keep the drink clear instead of kind of cloudy.


Aviation Cocktail 1 Mar 2013
4:47 am

Ahh, I should of known that. The lemon/lime juice makes any drink cloudy by default.

What kind of substance is parfait amour?

Aviation Cocktail 5 Mar 2013
2:02 pm

@ Robert, Thanks for clarification as well as the wonderful extra information that I have learned to expect from you (:

I do not know of any stores around me that sells Parfait Amour,  but I have seen violet liqour. Also, I live in TN where it is not possible to ship in liquor to private consumers. So I might have to make due with what I can find.  As always, thanks.

Thanks for the link Blair, unfortunately, I can not ship liquor into my home state /: