Tom Dunder

since January 2013


Mint Julep - NOT a Mojito Made with Bourbon 31 Jan 2013
3:41 pm

We use the recipe from the Joy of Cooking (older edition, they dropped cocktails in later editions) where they have a couple of nice twists.  Your pour a pony of whiskey on top of the ice after the drink has been made - makes a great transition from pure whiskey to sweet minty goodness as you drink it.  Second, you take a whole stem of mint, say 4” longer than your glass, wet it, and shake powdered sugar on it then immerse in the drink.  Now you have a swizzle that smells great and adds to the drink.  They also have a wonderful quote on selecting the bourbon - they don’t tell you what kind to use, only that “The good is the enemy of the best”.  We enjoy Mint Juleps with every Triple Crown race.