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How to Fat Wash a Spirit 19 Jan 2013
12:26 am

Hi Jamie, I cooked a load of bacon in the oven on a wire rack, but the fat that was rendered wasn’t that really think grease as seen on your video, it was more of a clear thin/watery type fat that so far hasn’t risen to the top of the infusion jar. Last time this happened it had mixed with the bourbon and so when I froze the jar the bourbon turned into a kinda bourbon slushy…what kind of bacon cut did you use in the video, how much of it to make that much fat, and did you oven cook or pan fry it? Many thanks buddy, I wana get this right and stop wasting precious bourbon…

How to Fat Wash a Spirit 19 Jan 2013
12:28 am

Oh and also, roasted lamb fat in Havana 7 year makes an incredible “sunday roast” mojito…