Shawn Long

since November 2012


Bourbon Crusta Cocktail 16 Aug 2013
11:48 am

I’ve noticed that some recipes like the one on Savoy Cocktail Book called for maraschino liqueur, whilst others like Jerry Thomas’ version didn’t. I suppose it’s an optional thing?

Rosita Cocktail 15 Aug 2013
1:23 pm

I have to say tequila is more similar to vodka, not often used in mixed drinks (at least not good ones); plus both of them came into popularity very late compared to the other spirits. Another reason is that the tequilas that used to be made were very bad in quality, unlike today we have lots of premium tequilas, which is why they were mostly taken as shots (with the help of salt and lime to cover up the bad tastes).

One of my all time favourite tequila cocktail (or mixed drink rather) is the Paloma, there’s something about the tartness and bitterness of the lime and grapefruit flavour that just blends beautifully with tequila, and this is enhanced with a tiny bit of salt.