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Grasshopper Cocktail 5 Nov 2012
4:36 am

i enjoy this drink as well as the brandy alexander, and i enjoy trying to come up with variations on that theme.  there is one in particular that i really like, and i am interested to hear what others, especially you, robert, think of it.  it’s not a complicated change, i simply replace half of the creme de menthe with jagermeister.  of course, for the sake of the color, you may want to use white creme de menthe instead of green and brown creme de cacao instead of white, unless you enjoy the greenish brown color that would otherwise result (perhaps it could then be called the cricket?).  i think the herbal flavor of jagermeister matches well with mint and chocolate.  for a bit more kick, try a 100 proof peppermint schnapps like rumplemintz. 

p.s. as this is my first comment on any of your videos, i guess this is the most appropriate time to tell you how much i enjoy and appreciate your show and website.  the information you provide is as interesting as it is valuable for making great cocktails.  you have helped me discover a great fondness for mixing.  thank you.