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Gold Martini 21 Feb 2014
8:36 am

I feel confuse about your vermouths.

Beauregarde's Breakfast Cocktail 17 Sep 2013
1:50 pm

nice shaker, copper?

Mint Julep - NOT a Mojito Made with Bourbon 29 Jan 2013
4:49 pm

Re: David Roughgarden -

First off, to state that what Jeffrey says in the first part of the video makes him “look like a prick” is certainly an exaggeration and more accurately makes YOU look like a prick.

A more important issue I would like to draw focus to is that obviously cocktails are a big part of American culture. Tragically the mint julep is a perfect example of a beautiful thing that people screw up all the time. (in my opinion) This explains the sort of response you may see from Jeffrey and other knowledgeable bartenders alike. It is important to understand this sort of relationship people have with cocktails. Not only do we want to drink something that tastes great, we desire a sense of connection with the past. We want something to be proud of that we can say is a firmly established American tradition. I would put forth that this is a big force behind cocktail geek feather rufflings, a defense of tradition and good taste.

Lesson #12 - The Two Handed Stir 1 Apr 2013
10:10 am

Jasmine Mandarin Sour Cocktail - Lessons on Vodka 26 Oct 2012
10:54 am

luv that Abslout

How To Make Rich Simple Syrup 19 Feb 2013
11:45 am

Hi Jamie,

Do you recommend measuring the sugar by weight as opposed to volume for increased accuracy? If so, what would the sugar weight to water ratio look like? Do you primarily use rich simple syrup for all your cocktails?


How To Make Rich Simple Syrup 8 Mar 2013
2:42 pm

Thanks for the reply! Any thoughts on using gum arabic?

Last Word Cocktail 14 Dec 2012
2:34 pm

Do you have any recommendations on finding a quality parisian style shaker? I’ve been eyeing a few but there doesn’t seem to be much information out there as far as feedback and reviews. I noticed in a different forum your mentioned that WMF makes a nice one. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Last Word Cocktail 15 Dec 2012
11:05 am

Thanks for the info. You rule!