Benny Dictine

since November 2009


Fancy Free Cocktail 26 Nov 2009
10:50 pm

It’s late Thanksgiving—just came across the email and made the drink along with you for the first time—usually I watch the videos at work—no ingredients available.
I had to substitute Regans’ #6 Orange bitters—- I liked it, very nice, cut right through the turkey and sides. Tonight’s gravy called for 3 tablespoons of bourbon—I surrendered my Maker’s Mark to the worthy cause and now we meet again. This is similar to the “Deadly Sin” one of my favorites from The Joy of Mixology, though the Luxardo here is doubled—minus the sweet vermouth. I must now stir up a DS for comparison in my endless quest for a “favorites”  short list; endless indeed. The simplicity of this cocktail is great, though the name would indicate a more “fruity” cocktail. Thank you, again.