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Holiday Stinger Cocktail 23 Dec 2010
6:01 pm

The Stinger is Ray Milland's drink of choice after he gets fired in "The Big Clock," and when he orders a second round with green mint he gets an awfully funny look from the bartender, who if I recall even exclaims, "Green Mint? Oh, no!"

Champagne Flamingo 26 Nov 2009
6:40 am

Hi, Robert--I've just recently discovered your show and I'm really enjoying catching up with all of the episodes, they've expanded my knowledge and enjoyment enormously. Question about this episode: It looks like the beginning portion where you recommend books for a cocktail library has been edited out--the show begins with you mixing up a Champagne Flamingo. I made and enjoyed this drink but I'd sure love to see the segment on cocktail books if it's possible to restore it!