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Hooker Cocktail 14 Nov 2013
7:37 am

I made this last night and was really surprised how good and complex it was.  My wife (who thought it sounded terrible) actually liked it as well.  I used some Russel reserve bourbon, antica vermouth, Ardbeg 10 as the scotch and of course fresh squeezed juice.  I had Boker’s bitters and used St. Bernadus 8 as the beer…it was really, surprisingly good.  Of course I had John Lee Hooker playing in the background which made it even better.

Amaretto Sour Cocktail 10 Oct 2012
11:40 am

I saw this on his website and tried it a few months ago with Lazzaroni amaretto…in a word…awesome.  It really is the best f’ing amaretto sour on the planet.

Could not imagine drinking George T. Stagg anyway but neat with some water. (just so hard to find any of the BTAC bourbons)...but damn I bet that would be good in this drink as Jeffrey states.

How to Make Cocktail Foam - Mexican Cloud Cocktail 25 Feb 2013
1:57 pm

Looks like you use a vintage teapot for your simple syrup?  I love that…can you tell me what size that is and where you can get one that size at?  Thanks….love the videos!!!