Peter Radford

since July 2012


Petruchio Cocktail 8 Aug 2012
12:03 pm

This cocktail is exceptionally good. I was at the supermarket and a bottle of aperol called me “drink me”.
I made this cocktail and it was superb. Keep ‘em coming Jamie.

Petrucio Cocktail 19 Jul 2012
12:25 pm

Robert bit late to this as just got my first bottle of aperol.

The recipe that got me to buy it was Jamie Boudreaus version of your Petrucio (or Petruchio or Petruccio?). I thought it was superb and could drink those all night long.

What do you think of his recipe?

Do you need an Islay malt (i.e very peaty) or will other scotchs work?
I love the islay malts but i’m fresh out at the moment.