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How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 12 Jul 2012
4:07 pm

Thanks for the video, Jamie.  This looks like a delicious cocktail!

Harrington Cocktail 11 Jul 2012
10:06 am


I am a longtime viewer of your show and a fan, and I live in Spokane.  I can’t tell you how excited I am that we finally have a quality cocktail bar in town.  Previously, the Peacock Lounge at the Davenport Hotel has been the best option, and they still use a lemon/lime sour mix and call their cocktail list “martinis”.  It’s honestly been easier to make a quality cocktail at home.  I am looking forward to visiting Clover for the first time tonight.  Hopefully Paul Harrington will be behind the bar, although I have heard he is only bartending on occasion.  I will be sure to give my impressions.

As an aside, do you happen to have a public contact email address?  I’ve tried to locate one on the DrinkBoy site and here.  Or is this board or the Chanticleer Society forum the best way to reach you?

Aaron Gardner

Jasmine Cocktail 12 Jul 2012
3:36 pm

I visited Paul Harrington’s new bar, Clover, for the first time last night.  Of course I had to try the Jasmine, and it was phenomenal.  I enjoy the slight bite of sour the lemon juice provides, and appreciate the toned-down sweetness and bitterness of the Cointreau and Campari.  This cocktail is definitely becoming a favorite.  I even had the pleasure of meeting Paul and learning more about his passion for cocktails.  I highly recommend Clover to anyone living in or visiting Spokane, WA.