Lynn Ballintiner

since October 2009


Young Man Cocktail 30 Apr 2012
11:03 pm

Robert this message is off topic, but I am taking my first trip to New Orleans tomorrow and I am trying to find where Chris Macmillan works so I can have him make me my first mint julep. Can you help me find him?

Leap Year Cocktail 29 Feb 2012
2:40 pm

Hmm, only a dash of lemon juice, but you shook the cocktail. Seems like a “stirrer” to me?

Manhattan Cocktail - Stirred vs. Shaken 28 Feb 2012
5:50 pm

I would like to share a bad surprising bad experience that has a happy ending. My wife and I frequent a very nice restaurant that has an excellent bar. During my last trip there I ordered a Manhattan from the very nice bartender. They were out of rye, which I enjoy, but she told me their stock bourbon was Maker’s Mark, which I very much like in a Manhattan, so I ordered. What I received was a “foam bomb”. I mean this thing must have been shaken to relieve stress. I politely told the bartender that Manhattans should not be prepared this way. She politely responded, “no, you are incorrect , the preferred method is to shake them unless the customer asks otherwise “. I let it go. Minutes later the drink looked worse, but I was having a good time and didn’t want to be a complainer. Later that night I wrote an email message to the management in which I complimented them on all the good things they do: using premium well brands -in addition to Maker’s, their “stock” spirits include Titlo’s vodka, a very nice scotch the name of which I forget, Tanquery gin, etc. They don’t use cruddy tonic; they use Fever Tree. I told them I was surprised and disappointed with my Manhattan and thought they should know. The next day I received a very nice reply from the manager who wrote, among other things, that he is committed to the belief that “Manhattans should be prepared in a shaker, but never shaken :-)”. He also sent me a $50 gift certificate for the place.
Ah, there is hope for humanity.

Gimlet Cocktail 29 Jan 2011
3:17 pm

WoW, sorry for me to take so long to notice, but doesn’t your shaking this drink violate your general rule about when to stir versus when to mix. I mean if you stir a Manhattan why do you shake a Gimlet???
Society is aghast :-)

Manhattan Cocktail 20 Feb 2012
6:58 pm

[Sigh] I thought we had progressed here in Scottsdale…. I recently went to one of my very favorite places for drinks and snacks. This place does MANY things correctly (they use Fever Tree tonic, they use premium well spirits (e.g. the vodka is Tito’s)), but .... I ordered a Manhattan up. Out came a cocktail glass full of shaken foam. I mentioned politely to the nice bartender that Manhattans really should not be shaken. She politely told me I was wrong.