Stephen Vajs

since October 2009


Barney Shrubble Cocktail 3 Jul 2013
12:35 pm

This is a delightful looking drink, but one would like to know the proportions of ingredients for the shrub itself and how it is made.  The selection of vinegar alone could make a big difference.

Caipirinha Cocktail 30 Sep 2015
11:35 am

I eagerly await each new release of this series and spend a lot of time reviewing the old ones.  Thank you!

I often used Demerara sugar for the muddle, but this gives a brownish tinge to the drink. 

I have started doing something I saw a bartender in the Dominican Republic do: she cut the lime into smaller wedges and did the muddling and mixing with the spirit in a mixing glass.  She then poured the drink into a rocks glass with ice in it.  This had the advantage of keeping the lime on the top of the ice.  It makes a more colorful drink on top - think of old prescriptions to garnish with fruit and, like the mint in a julep, it adds to the aroma of the glass.