Troy Truchon

since June 2012


Wet Martini Cocktail 1 Jun 2012
7:51 pm

This is the sort of thing I wish I could expect when I order a Martini. I’m at odds with the opinion above as I see calling a glass of gin or (heresy) vodka with as little as a drop or spritz of vermouth a martini to be just as peculiar as calling a glass of sweetened tea with a slice of lemon an arnold palmer. 4:1 is the least amount of vermouth I’d feel comfortable calling a Martini, and if its a fresh bottle of good quality vermouth I’ll gladly mix the most traditional martini of all, namely one part Gin to one part Vermouth. If you enjoy gin there is nothing wrong with drinking it strait, for that matter there is nothing wrong with drinking Vermouth strait either (currently drinking a glass of half sweet, half dry, and a dash of bitters and lemon).