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White Lady Cocktail 31 May 2012
10:09 am

Hmm. Ted is right, and I think Dave would agree, too. And your argument is flawed. If the “original” is what counts, you should be making something with that lovely creme de menthe in it, no? The questions is, When was the recipe *perfected*? And I believe, as do many others obviously, that it wasn’t perfected until the egg white was added. And since this is the first argument that you and I ever had many years ago, I can only surmise that you just don’t like the egg white version. So ‘fess up.

At least you mentioned it. :-)

Martin Miller was a very good choice. I would put the cut side down in the squeezer, but maybe that’s just me.

And now I’m jonesing for a good White Lady, and it’s 2 in the afternoon. I have to remember to start watching these videos in the evening…

Nice video.

White Lady Cocktail 31 May 2012
11:14 am

Nice try, H., but I have time zones on my side. So while you’re at GMT-7, I’m at GMT-3.

Though IF I were to drink in the morning (you’re gonna need sworn affidavits before I admit to anything), a White Lady (WITH egg white) would be the perfect, high-protein, low cholesterol breakfast. I’d get my vitamin C, too. Like a liquid, egg-white omelet. With, er, Cointreau and gin.

Maybe you’ve started something? The famous “H” White Lady breakfasts? It’s like something out of Gravity’s Rainbow…