Todd Appel

since May 2012


Daiquiri Cocktail 24 May 2012
7:00 am

About pouring spirits last, I have to disagree. I think it is a protocol that has been around for a long time, one that was always mentioned around me as a new bartender, and makes little sense to me. There is still the same capacity to make an unalterable error. Most errors are fixable at home…and I very rarely made pouring errors behind the bar at work… I also found these systems are not very efficient for a pro at a busy bar. No offense, but much ado about nothing. At home, practice any way you wish…at a busy bar, practice in the most efficient way possible. If this is your style, no problem, but it isn’t something that should be a hard rule

Daiquiri Cocktail 24 May 2012
9:35 am

Hey Charlotte!

I agree that this was clearly done with the new or apprentice bartender in mind. Often these mnemonic aids or other techniques gain a life of their own and we forget why they were there in the first place. Love your channel!! Top notch!