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Caipirinha Cocktail 6 Nov 2009
11:42 am


I was wondering where you got the heavy duty bar spoon you mentioned early in the video.  I was watching a bit you did with Jamie Boudreau and he hand cracks ice and I remember you making a specific comment on his heavy duty spoon and to me it looked similar to the one you talk about in this video.  I was wondering where I could find a spoon like that specifically for hand cracking bigger ice cubes. 


Income Tax Cocktail 4 Nov 2009
1:37 pm


I just made this cocktail and I realized I had a question that I have never bothered to ask.  When shaking a cocktail and then straining it into a cocktail glass, the drink contains many small shards of ice.  Is this desirable, or should I be double straining through a tea strainer to catch these shards?

Old Fashioned Cocktail 4 Nov 2009
5:10 pm

Ill second that.  I just made Chris’ muddled orange peel old fashioned, and it is excellent.  The smell of the bitters and the orange together is enough to make me want to make the drink over and over.

Calvados Cocktail 4 Oct 2009
8:56 pm


I am just getting into cocktails so I have been searching for a less “boozey” cocktail to transition myself with.  As of now I can enjoy all the long drink style drinks but the 4 oz and less category has been too intense for me. 

I made this drink twice.  The first time I used Cointreau and although I could appreciate the flavors the drink was still a tad too intense for me.  The second time I used stirrings Triple-Sec, which is a non-alcholic triple sec.  At first I placed this in the sour mix/mojito mix category but its made with very straightforward honest ingredients.  I started to wonder what the place of triple sec really is, that is, does the alcohol contribute anything other than intensity.  If good orange flavor and sweetness are the main functions I dont see why non-alcoholic triple secs wont work just fine.  The second time I made the drink, I used the stirrings triple sec, and the flavor was honestly still very high quality but the lack of cointreau booze put the alcohol level at a perfect balance for me. 

What is your opinion on such “high quality” non alcoholic triple secs?

How to Stir a Cocktail 6 Nov 2009
11:48 am


I was wondering where you got your barspoon and mixing glass (looks like a laboratory beaker to me)


Añejo Highball Cocktail 12 Oct 2009
10:54 am

When a cocktail like this calls for Aged rum…could any gold rum work, since they are effectively aged for a little period of time, or should I be looking for rums that specifically say aged.  I was wondering about this for the Mai Tai too…would Appleton estate special gold work for these two drinks? Or should I suck it up and get the Bacardi Anejo

French 75 Cocktail 10 Nov 2009
6:31 pm

Hey Robert,

What device were you using in this video to keep the champagne capped, it doesnt look like the little silver stoppers I see everywhere else.


El Floridita Cocktail 5 Dec 2009
3:51 pm


Do you have any experience with limes concentrating from drying up?  The reason I say this is, I made a drink with half of a lime and left the other half out on my cutting board, cut side up for a few hours.  I came back and made this drink, and I measured very carefully but the drink came out extremely sour…a lot more so than I thought 1/2 oz of lime juice could produce.  My only theory is that by leaving the lime cut side up it dried up so when I juiced it I was getting a concentrated juice that held more acidic potency.