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"Old Fashioned" Simple Syrup 11 Feb 2011
11:15 pm

Having big issues with re-crystalisation as well. Any tips Jamie? I’ve just been placing the bottle in some boiling water, micro-waving and shaking but it’s a daily process now. Love the recipe though, always gets positive comments from customers

Tasting Rant - How to Taste Cocktails 1 Dec 2010
9:55 pm

Can I just say it is such a pleasure to see you back on the air Jamie! Small Screen, the ol’ blog roll and especially your contributions sent me on my own whirlwind through cocktail bars all over the world to try and find out everything I could about bar-tending and bars. I’ve just opened my own bar in Melbourne and had a spare moment to get back to my education and there you have it! Something new I had totally overlooked.

Consider me educated again and I have just the right pimp cup for this too. Thanks again mate!

Tales of the Cocktail 2010 - Episode One 26 Jul 2010
9:40 pm

If you ever get a chance to visit The Dalmore Distillery it is really a fantastic experience. Scotty the head distiller is a great bloke and you’ll get a great introduction to the mechanics and artistry that goes into creating the spirit. If you manage to catch Richard there then you will have the most incredible experience in tasting and understanding the maturation, selection and blending process. Best weekend of my time in Scotland.

Blair: if you have a chance and some extra C-notes hanging out in your wallet get a bottle of the King Alexander III it is the best single malt I have ever purchased and it is far too nice for me to sell at the bar!

Seelbach Cocktail 27 Sep 2009
5:16 am


Brilliant again! I have been following this series almost fanatically from my home in Melbourne, Australia, for a few months now and this was quite a shock to the palate of my friends and myself, in a good way of course. I even had to fight off one of my bartender mates when he saw how much bitters I was using!

I’m about to open my own cocktail and whisky bar next year and will be over in the States from December getting as much inspiration and knowledge as I can in three weeks. Any must-see bars that I should look into? If you have the time a cocktail geek in training I’d love to come by and see a real pro in action.

Email me if it’s on the profile!

Cheers mate,