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Seelbach Cocktail 17 Sep 2009
5:16 am

Hey Robert, I've learned a lot from your videos and book. Great stuff! I'm really proud to see a cocktail from my home town of Louisville, KY. I now live in Nashville, TN, but I used to go hear Jazz at the Seelbach when I was in college. As soon as I get some Peychaud's and some Bookers I have to make this drink. One small note: There is a lot of controversy surrounding the proper pronunciation of "Louisville," and as a local I can say definitively that it is pronounced "LOO-eh-ville," or "LOO-eh-vuhl," but never pronounce the "s." Sorry to nitpick, but my fellow Kentuckians will be proud. Last night I had your Mai Tai recipe. It was phenomenal. Keep up the good work! Mason