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since September 2009


Scofflaw Cocktail 30 Nov 2009
9:29 am

Great episode Robert.  I have only ever used Crown Royal when using Canadian whiskey in a cocktail.  I noticed you used canadian Club.  I have had this spirit recommended to me elsewhere as well and am looking foreword to trying it in a scofflaw.

Interview with Bill Samuels Jr. of Maker's Mark 7 Sep 2009
8:37 am

Excellent interview.  As a newbie to the wonderful world of cocktails I find that I am spending quite a bit of time and money discerning where my tates lie among the base spirits.  My search for my favorite bourbon is no exception.  I have tried Maker’s Mark and enjoyed it very much.  This interview has helped me decide to keep a bottle of this whiskey in my cabinet from now on.  There may be many good American whiskies out there, but hearing Mr. Samuel’s comments on balancing his whiskey within the world of mixology has put Maker’s Mark just over the top in my book.  I am growing in my appreciation of a good Manhattan and plan on enjoying it with Maker’s Mark from now on.

Mai Tai Cocktail 8 Sep 2009
5:50 am


I have a question.  In your book “The Essential Bartender’s Guide”, you recommend using Grand Marnier in any recipe calling for orange curacao.  In your Mai Tai video I see you are using Bols.  I have seen both brands in the liquor stores here and given the immense difference in price wonder if you could speak to the choice to use Bols instead of Grand Marnier.


Mai Tai Cocktail 8 Sep 2009
7:44 am


First, let me apologise for categorizing your comments in the book.  They are as you say, in pursuit of premium brands. 

I agree that it seems consensus among brands is a very difficult thing to arrive at in the wide world of mixology.  However, the closest thing to consensus I have ever compiled in my internet and reading research is that Cointreau is THE triple sec to use.  Accept no other.

So my follow up question…...how interchangeable do you think Cointreau is in most recipes calling for orange curacao?

Mai Tai Cocktail 8 Sep 2009
10:47 am

Thanks again.  I greatly appreciate your wisdom.

Voyager Cocktail 8 Sep 2009
6:26 am

Excellent! looking drink!  As soon as my Falernum arrives from Kegworks I will be trying one of these.

Thanks Robert for all of your advice and information.