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Legs and Taste - Viscimetry 2 May 2014
12:16 pm

@onkelandy Thanks for your comment, it is appreciated. We are certainly looking at loads more content being available so stay tuned.

Whisky Tasting Notes 18 Jun 2014
8:10 pm

Charlie suggests adding water based on what he calls the “prickle value” (not a scientific term). Taste the whisky neat and see how much alcohol burn you perceive on a scale of 1-5. Then add a few drops of water…more if you give it a five and less if you give it a 1. A bit of trial and error but you will quickly find the ratios that work best for you. Blenders tend to use more water in their tastings as they are after an accurate evaluation of the underlying flavor profile to prevent flavor drift. Rob

Water or Ice? 19 May 2014
5:17 am

@Celestino Thank you for the kind words…and HP 40yo with diet coke….I guess however you like to enjoy it is the way to look at that.

@bushmills boy Many people also like their whisky chilled. The important thing here, if adding ice, is that the ice is allowed to melt completely so the whisky is not diluted progressively as it melts. A small piece of ice can serve the dual purpose of chilling slightly and adding the touch of water needed to open the spirit up so the full flavor profile can be appreciated.

Water or Ice? 19 May 2014
10:55 pm

Have not heard that but ultimately it is whatever works for you. Personally I do not use ice in anything over 25yo but often like a little chill. I know several gents who actually refrigerate their bottles and always drink them cold…so whatever works.