John Hoffman

since August 2009


VSOP Lemon Derby Cocktail 16 Jul 2012
10:37 pm

Very jealous of your stainless funnel.

You mention that your honey has more layers of flavor, and I think you might also bring up that many mass-produced things labeled “honey” are diluted with (much cheaper) corn syrup.

Using Remy for this recipe probably makes marketing sense for SSN (fills sponsorships, allows viewers to make “the same drink”), but I encourage viewers to seek out smaller, independent producers. There are wonderful things to be had, and you can help keep big brandy from taking over production.

Hot Toddy - Blue Blazer Style 5 Jan 2011
9:04 pm

While you are pouring do you look for a particular consistency as one might when stirring? I’m not sure when you know you’ve flamed “enough.”