since August 2009


Product Choice is Important - The Sidecar Cocktail 12 Dec 2014
4:08 pm

Robert, I just wanted to say - I’m pretty sure it was an early article of yours on the Sidecar (and the Old Fashioned) on the Drinkboy site that got me started down the path to making excellent cocktails.  Thank you for all you’ve done to assist us amature mixologists over the years!

Martin Miller's Gin 13 Aug 2012
3:21 pm

Very interesting!  It’s good to see Gin getting more respect these days.

I’m looking forward to this new series.

Old Fashioned Cocktail 22 Aug 2009
7:09 am


It was your original Drink Boy article on the Old Fashioned that got me to start experimenting with cocktails in the first place, so it was a lot of fun to see this video.  Thanks so much!

Several years later my current favorite recipe uses Sazarac rye and Regan’s orange bitters.  But the experimentation continues!

Old Fashioned Cocktail 3 Feb 2010
6:52 am

I suppose someone needs to ask . . . what are your other test drinks?

I often start with a sidecar, because it is a good test AND if they do it “wrong” (IMO) it usually isn’t too terrible anyway.  Then an OF.  Finally maybe a Mai Tai, but its rare to find a Mai Tai as good as what I make using your recipe.