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Tip Top Cocktail 16 Aug 2009
9:45 pm

Intriguing! I love anything with bitters. The only other drink I can think of w/this much dry vermouth would be a Duplex (or what was called a Cin Cin when I lived in Mallorca). I’ve never had Benedictine so I’m eager to try this as well. The name reminds me of the still lighted sign for the Allerton Hotel (Chicago)‘s long closed cocktail lounge: Tip Top Tap :-)

Vacation Cocktail 16 Aug 2009
10:04 pm

I’m staying up way past my bedtime enjoying your videos! Aperol is new to me. As much as I enjoy most bitters I’ve never fallen in love w/Campari (although drank it a lot when we lived in Spain). Fine when muted in a Negroni, but I never developed the expected ex-pat fondness for it in an Americano or alone with soda water. Is Aperol just a milder version of Campari? Or is it a different type of taste?