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since October 2011


Chrysanthemum Cocktail 11 Oct 2011
10:18 am

Thanks Robert ... I was looking for something to really showcase Benedictine in a way where it wouldn’t be playing second fiddle to the whiskey, gin, or cognac.  I love that liqueur and think this might be a good way to introduce folks to its flavor in an accessible way.

How to Mix Scotch in Cocktails - Rob Roy and Balvenie Smash 11 Oct 2011
10:34 am

Speaking of Scotch Whisky and citrus, I was at a Johnnie Walker tasting event and they had everyone mix a bit of Orangina with their Red Label and, low and behold, it was surprisingly good ... I believe they called it the “Scottish Mimosa”.  Anyhow, its a bit more proof that Scotch can be mixed and matched.