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Sidecar Cocktail 22 Jul 2009
4:47 pm

Hey Robert,

Loved your presentation, I live in New Orleans and have had many, many a Sidecar in a city filled with great cocktails.  Have a few questions about making a Sidecar.  While I disagree on the proportions, I see it as totally an issue of personal taste.  But I am curious about the quailty/type of brandy you prefer.  I recently did a little experiment with some Sidecars and friends by varying the quality of triple sec and brandy.  We used LeRoux Triple Sec and Cointreau.  And for the brandies we used E&J VS, E&J VSOP, and my favorite, Tiffon VSOP.  Always used fresh lemon juice of course.  Basically what we decided was that the Cointreau was always superior, so that settles that.  When it came to the brandies, both VSOPs were decidedly better, but amongst the E&J VSOP and Tiffon VSOP, the taste was more different than better.  Yes, the Tiffon had a slightly less boozy taste and with more depth, but only slightly , and it wasn’t a .  Basically my question is whether you think there is a specific brandy that suits a Sidecar best.  What about non cognacs like a good jerez, pisco, or armagnac?  Thanks for a great presentation and any help.  Laissez les bon temps rouler.