Charles Purvis

since September 2011


Manhattan Cocktail 21 Sep 2011
8:58 am

Terrific show, Robert, and particularly like this one, since the Manhattan is my favorite cocktail of all.  I’m actually a big fan of the Perfect Manhattan, which uses both Sweet and Dry Vermouth, and favor Bulleit Bourbon, with Regan’s Orange Bitters.

I’ve actually taken to pre-building (and carefully labeling!) a full liter of Manhattans and re-corking in a Bulleit Bourbon bottle, which will last me for months.  To get the water content and temperature right when it’s time to serve, I fill a nice glass full of crushed ice, pour directly from the bottle, stir with a spoon for 15 seconds or so, garnish with a cherry, and then hand a wonderful Manhattan on the rocks over to a grateful guest.  :-)

Any thoughts on the Perfect Manhattan v. the Manhattan?  It all comes down to personal preference, of course, but would love to hear from you on the history/legacy of one over the other, if there’s anything interesting there to tell.


Gin and Tonic Cocktail 21 Sep 2011
10:37 am

Terrific episode, Robert.  You asked about gin to tonic ratios, and mine is actually much different from yours.  My tendency is to fill the glass up about 2/3 or the way with Tonic, and then “top off” with Plymouth Gin. 

I’ll have to try your approach this weekend.  Also, my personal gin preference is definitely Plymouth, as you use here, but my fiance’s preferred gin is Hendrick’s.  As is so often the case with spirits, there’s no wrong choice here . . . it’s all good!