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Cuba Libre Cocktail 18 Jul 2012
6:24 am

Also, as I have learned recently from "various sources" (read: Small Screen/Robert Hess) mixing up with ice adds a bit of water to the drink which is also an essential ingredient to the cocktail, even though it's not listed as such. This drink does sound intriguing. I'm a purist though and we're gonna have to come up with another name for it! :D

Old Fashioned Cocktail 21 May 2015
10:25 am

Hmm....I checked it out and it does sound like it might be pretty good, buuuuutttttt.......I think they need a new name! :D

Old Fashioned Cocktail 21 May 2015
9:29 am

Robert- A friend of mine found this little snippet in an article online about some Tiki bars in the Milwaukee area: “The Wisconsin State Cocktail—Order an Old-Fashioned in Milwaukee and you may be surprised. Here the drink is made with brandy (typically Korbel) instead of whiskey and topped with some type of soda (Squirt, Sprite, club soda), an orange slice, and maraschino cherries. In the right hands, such as those of the skilled bartenders at Boone and Crockett, it’s terrific.” He was aghast as was I, that this was being called an Old Fashioned. BUT, is it possible this is actually another drink and they just co-opted the name? It sounds a little bit intriguing, but maybe with some tweaks, like losing the soda? Thanks again for all you do for cocktails! -Sam