since September 2011


Metropole Cocktail 19 Sep 2011
10:08 am

where did the comments go ?

Royalist Cocktail 13 Sep 2011
12:37 pm

I somewhat have the same opinion as Rhett. I consider Martini and Rossi white as “basic” dry vermouth (it’s the very dominant sale in France) but the “extra dry” you’re using is quite harsh. I was happy when the bottle was finally empty, and I mostly used it as a replacement for Noilly Prat in classical cooking recipe (Beurre blanc au Noilly, a very french cooking sauce to eat fish with : http://chefsimon.com/beurre-blanc-au-noilly.html : try it with google translation if you’re not fluent in french) .
Maybe in this particular cocktail, it might make a difference in the good way, balancing the Bénédictine more than the “dry M & R” I’ve used, making it overall a little too sweet to my taste. I’ll buy another bottle of extra dry and see if two year of carefully watching your show educated my taste enough to appreciate this difficult mixer.

Old Pal Cocktail 6 Sep 2011
8:56 am

I notice you use “extra dry Martini”, which I tasted and had quite a hard time with and was prett happy when the bottle was done. Is it really necessary ?