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Don't Use Old Vermouth 13 Nov 2014
12:26 pm

There are some ways how to increase the shelf-life. You should always keep the bottles refrigerated which is easy to do. You can also use the vacuum wine stoppers which allow you to pump most of the air from the bottle so it oxidizes much much slower. Where I live I can buy the good brands like Noilly Prat or Dolin in 1 liter bottles only so I don’t open more than two each year, but if stored like that, they don’t taste too different even when you taste them side by side. I use vacuum stoppers for anything that is below 40 proof :)

Suburban Cocktail 3 Nov 2011
11:58 am

Hi, I recently found that orange bitters marries pretty well with apple juice (not one made from concentrate). I made a brunch cocktail with vodka and apple juice (like 1:3) with a dash of orange bitters and the result was very tasty. Then I wanted to turn the drink into a kind of appletini (or fruitini as I called it) and found it isn’t easy. Does anybody have any idea? I think that quality apple juice can be employed very well in cocktails (and apples are the fruit of the season), but I just can’t get it right. Different base spirit (rum maybe)? Or adding some lemon juice? What do you think? Thanks for any advice.

Oh, now I realize my comment is not about suburban cocktail at all, sorry about that :-)

Gimlet Cocktail 30 Aug 2011
6:55 am

Another nice and simple use of Rose’s is in Lager and Lime, also a refreshing summer drink.

Old Fashioned Cocktail 20 Aug 2011
2:02 am

I don’t think that adding soda makes it undrinkable, it’s just whiskey and soda with old fashioned flavor. But of course, no more water than absolutely needed should enter the cocktail, otherwise it’s not an old fashioned anymore (and not as delicious).

Personally, I don’t mind any orange pulp in the cocktail as I don’t serve Old Fashioneds with a straw that could get clogged, so I muddle a thin orange wedge, simple syrup and about three dashes of angostura. Then ice, whiskey and a stir, maraschino cherry (the ugly looking one, pickled in maraschino luxardo) along with a teaspoon of maraschino liqueur from the jar, and a wide lemon twist. I don’t like it when you rub it around the edge of the glass as Gary Regan suggests I believe, the lemon smell is too pronounced then. The result is more on the ‘fruit salad’ side than the original, but perfect for today’s taste I guess.

Piña Colada Cocktail 30 Aug 2011
7:34 am

Hi, I was thinking of storing fresh juice frozen in ice cube bags so it would be always possible to take only the right amount and let it melt. Does freezing the juice seriously affect its quality/taste or is there any other reason that it’s a bad idea?

There is a recipe that calls for orange juice ice cubes as a garnish too, sort of ‘cosmopolitan based punch’.

Piña Colada Cocktail 30 Aug 2011
10:34 pm

Thanks for comments, I guess you are right. It was just tempting to have a ‘fresh’ juice on hand all the time and melt some before guests come. Also because it can be sometimes difficult to get good oranges or limes at times here in Central Europe, they are often soft and dry, and as you said, quality matters.