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Aromatic Collins Cocktail 2 Nov 2011
6:35 am

Okay. I’ll have to give this one a spin. I’ve been stuck on the old fashioned for two weeks now. (Although I REALLY want to attempt The Machine Head.)

Zen Garden Cocktail 17 Oct 2011
7:02 am

Looks refreshing. I’ve not heard of Agave nectar or yuzu. Are these hard to find? Do they have alcohol content or are they mainly for flavor?

Zen Garden Cocktail 17 Oct 2011
11:12 am

Great! Thank you! Funny thing is now that I think of it…. I may already have some Agave nectar at home. I must say I love this website!! I originally came via Robert Hess’s series and before I knew it I was having a blast learning from all of you. It sure is a great hobby! Great way to make friends too. A big thanks to all who contribute!!

Unusual Negroni Cocktail 2 Nov 2011
7:11 am

Delightful cocktail and a delightful mixologist!! Yet another variation that I have to attempt thanks to smallscreen. Thanks!

Three Mixologists, Three Cocktails, Three Ways - Old Fashioned 2 Mar 2012
1:52 pm

Man. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. I wish that I could have been there. It has inspired me to play around with the Old Fashioned. I really miss videos from all three of these great mixologists!

Three Sheets - Season One - Belgium 20 Oct 2011
11:34 am

That dude Logan was hilarious!! Goofball!!

Manhattan Cocktail 4 Nov 2011
11:18 am

By George!! I’ve been legal age for 14 years and now I’m finally learning what enjoying a cocktail is all about! (i.e. Don’t go to T.G.I.F’s or Chili’s or the Ale House) Thank you Robert!! Old Fashioned and now Manhattan. I could spend a lot of money and time trying to find an establishment that could make them as good as you have taught me. Cherries are’a soakin’!!

El Floridita Cocktail 29 Aug 2011
6:48 am

My new favourite!! I double it in a 10oz Martini glass and it’s perfection! Thanks Robert!