Stephen Botting

since August 2011


Flame of Love Cocktail 25 Jul 2012
1:48 am

Hi Robert, I tried this one out the other night with a friend, I liked it but I probably wouldnt put in my top 10. I think this drink would benefit from a really excellent quality Vodka like Chase or Grey Goose. I used 42Below which seemed to work well.

Also would just like to add that I know you like your juicers/citrus pressers so I found this one one ebay:
Maybe you should have a bid on it!

Red Snapper Cocktail 22 May 2012
11:36 am

I am not a massive fan of the bloody Mary but…one with gin sounds rather appealing Robert, I’ll give it a go.
On another note Robert, inspired by you I have started producing my own cocktail videos and I’m lovin it. Check them out if you can no where on the excellent level of yours but see what you think.

Between the Sheets Cocktail 18 Aug 2011
2:32 am

A wonderful cocktail Robert, very similar to a Sidecar when using Mount Gay extra old. I suppose you could play with the flavour a little by adding a different rum. Quite a strong cocktail without tasting boozy as you outlined, but after 2 of these you really can feel it, 3 and your well on your way!

Bourbon Milk Punch 22 Aug 2011
9:58 pm

Hi Robert, I think this is possible my favourite video of yours and I like the idea of it and it makes me smile, my wife and I thought you where rather funny in this one! On holiday I can imagine having one of these in the morning. I tried it out on a friend of mine the other evening using Jamesons Irish whiskey as I had just run out of Makers Mark and he absolutely loved it, I tried a sip and it is a drink I could see myself having when friends are staying over for the weekend. I do have 2 questions for you though Robert. Firstly in your excellent book “The essential bartenders guide” you emit the vanilla extract and there is the addition of 1/2 tsps of dark rum, also there is 2 ounces of bourbon, The one I made was from the video was there any reason for this or is it just your preferred version of the drink?

Also in the video you say to serve it in a Brandy glass, then you say that you dont serve brandy in a brandy glass yourself preferring a different type of glass for that! What glass do you serve brandy in, is it one of your lovely vintage glasses?
By the way on your advise I have started buying vintage cocktail glasses as opposed to those rather boring martini glasses you can get everywhere, and everyone I make a cocktail for is impressed, infact its kind of a talking point.

Cheers Robert.