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Aviation Cocktail 6 Aug 2011
7:21 am


First of all, great videos. A huge boon to us trying to get into mixology and great cocktails, I cant wait to read your book.

Second. I have creme yvette but do not have creme de violette. Are they similar taste profiles and readily interchangeable or are they really two different beasts?


Aviation Cocktail 8 Aug 2011
10:07 am

Robert thanks for your quick reply! I have yet to make the aviation cocktail but will likely make one after work using the yvette. It will be fun to get creme de violette and try them and note the differences.

I have used the yvette in the blue moon cocktail as described by Ted Haigh. Great cocktail and the yvette really brings a nice note. I don’t know how he achieved such a lovely blue color to the drink as shown in his photo of the cocktail in “Vintage spirits” though. Mine came out a maroon color. But anyway that is neither here nor their!

Keep the great videos coming.