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Red Snapper Cocktail 22 May 2012
2:55 pm

I agree, gin is the way to go. Even changing styles can move the drink in different directions. Hendrick’s calls for lighter spice and sweeter veg, where a bruiser like Junipero will stand up to things like fresh horseradish. I’ve been playing with dried Bergamot peels left over from winter season here in CA. So why not in a Red Snapper? I started by dropping a couple in the tin with the gin and muddling them a bit to incorporate their flavor before the build. Toss & strain. Wow. That’s a nice extra dimension. A fresh burst of oil may be too much, but I’m going to try next winter when they’re available. A bit of Hum Botanical is also an interesting addition, inspired by my use of it in Sangrita. It’s nice to hear people say mmm…what’s in that?