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How to Make Oleo Saccharum 26 Nov 2013
12:08 pm

Are you cooking it sous vide? Or just leaving it at room temperature?

How to Not [email protected]%& Up a Daiquiri 8 Oct 2015
10:36 am

Hi Jeff—quick question—is your 2:1 syrup based on weight or volume? Thanks!

Negroni Carbonated 17 Feb 2011
10:25 pm

Remarkable.  I have the EXACT same cocktail glass as the one used (above) in the photo for this video.  I found it at a local antique store in the Chicagoland area. Where did you find yours?

How to Make Rum Punch 20 Sep 2011
7:05 am


It appears that he adds 4 full Oxo “jiggers” worth of simple, which should translate to closer to 8oz, which would seem to be in better balance with the 4 oz of lime.  Thoughts?


How to Smoke a Cocktail 19 May 2011
6:08 am


I recently bought the Smoking Gun and tried this technique out.  I’ve tried using a variety of teas, wood, etc.  My issue is that only the very strongest teas actually impact much of the underlying flavor.  Most of the flavor I’m getting is pure smoke.  Is that the intended purpose or am I doing something wrong?


Chaplin Cocktail 16 Sep 2009
4:25 am


Coincidentally, I just bought my first bottle of Amaro last night before watching this episode this morning.  I purchased a bottle of Amaro Nonino. In your opinion, to what degree are all the different Amaros substitutable in cocktails? Thanks!

El Diablo Cocktail 29 Jun 2009
3:52 pm


It’s great that you added the Diablo to your list.  This is a personal favorite of mine, and I make it often for my friends and family.  I wanted to share an alternative recipe for those who really enjoy spicy ginger drinks.  I go with 1.5 oz. silver tequila, 3/4 oz. lime juice (lemon also works well) 3/4 oz. ginger syrup, topped with ginger beer (or club soda), and a creme de cassis float.  The key is the ginger syrup, which is 1:1 sugar and pure extracted juice of ginger root.  The overall effect is a fantastically spicy, sweet, refreshing, and all around delicious summer drink.  Thanks for adding!

Old Cuban Cocktail 22 Jun 2009
10:15 am

Robert, somewhat reiterating xian’s comment, it seems most drinks adhere to a 3-2-1 or 4-2-1 ratio of spirits, sweet, and tart.  I would think using 1 ounce of rich syrup would throw off the balance of this drink.  Using 1 ounce of 1:1 syrup would seem more in line with convention.  Are you breaking the rules, Robert?  Are you a cocktail bandit?

Monte Carlo Cocktail 22 Jun 2009
10:17 am


I already own a bottle of B&B.  In general, would that be an acceptable substitute for Benedictine?

Black Feather Cocktail 24 Apr 2010
6:56 am


I noticed a few people concerned about the cost of Cointreau. I use Luxardo’s Triplum Triple Sec Liqueur, which is priced almost exactly between Cointreau and generic triple sec’s. The Luxardo product has excellent orange flavor and isn’t overly sweet.  Just a thought!

Black Feather Cocktail 24 Apr 2010
12:28 pm


Well put and right you are!  That said—I tried your Black Feather with A.E. Dor VSOP, Noilly Prat, and Luxardo Triplum triple sec and it was excellent.  I was in a hurry to try your recipe and didn’t have Cointreau at the moment.  The Black Feather is a really fantastic cocktail.  Well done!


Cocktail Foam - Jamie Boudreau - The Vessel 75 29 Jul 2009
2:14 pm


Is there a particular ratio of egg (or cream) and water and everything else that works best for foams?  In other words, is your recipe designed in such a way that it would be inappropriate to stray from in terms of its ratio?